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We can see from the image below that seeking for legal advice online, one thing is common. All keywords used by searches are HIGHLY COMPETITIVE. You can see that the average monthly searches for “lawyer” alone is 60,500 in the USA. It shows that people tend to prefer searching online whenever they need a legal advice. To keep upbeat with these searches you need to rank on major search engines especially Google known as the Big G. It captures more than 60% of US Market Share (ComScore). Ranking high in search engine results page (SERP) with those keywords is truly an ADVANTAGE.

keywords for SEO for lawyers

SEO for Law Firms or SEO for Lawyers is what you need to GAIN this COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Clients, whether victims or defendants, go to Google first before they consult with an attorney. You’ve got to win Google first before you connect with your prospective clients. That made SEO for law firm a necessity to build and strengthen the visibility and authority of a law firm. If you are suffering from zero conversion rates, no client on your office, you need a boost to your website’s ranking through effective law firm marketing.

You need to get that Rank 1 through the Google’s way. How? This is what you’ll get from our SEO for law firms:

  • Available 24/7 for Consultation
  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword research
  • PANDA friendly contents
  • PENGUIN friendly link building
  • Gain Signals from social networking sites
  • Easy to understand weekly reporting of completed tasks

For SEO for lawyers campaign, we have crafted comprehensive law firm internet marketing strategy through competitive research in your market. It will widen your scope and create better exposure of your law firm. Choose us and you’ll be a bigger law firm because we befriend Google to give you the best strategy of SEO for Attorneys.

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